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Burglary and Theft Claims

Burglary and Theft Insurance Claims

In the event of a burglary it is best not to touch or move anything. The sooner you involve a loss assessor in your claim the better after notifying local Gardai. The loss assessor will come to your home as soon as possible, they will take photos and assess the damage.

It is vital to have a loss assessor working on your behalf when you have been burgled to ensure that you get a fair and accurate representation of your loss when making a claim.

If you have been burgled it can leave you feeling vulnerable. Along with the financial cost there is the trauma of having your home broken into and your belongings stolen.

At such a time it would be nice to feel supported which is not always something an Insurance Company can provide and often they may not be as helpful as you expect.

Murphy O’Sullivan Claim Specialists will fully investigate the details of your burglary, giving you the support you need during what can be a very stressful time, and making sure you get the full amount you deserve on your insurance claim.