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Escape of Water Damage Claims

Escape of Water Insurance Claims

Insurance claims due to Escape of Water

Insurance claims involving the escape of water from a heating system, drainage system or any fixed domestic appliance. These claims can involve minor damage to carpeting or extensive damage to floor slabs. What sometimes may appear to be minor water damage can turn out to be much more than you could imagine once it is investigated further.

Water can go undetected for some time resulting in significant damage. “Subsidence” claims are dealt with under the escape of water contingency as damage is caused by the escape of water leading to localised movement.

We have a list of specialist contractors who can detect leaks and therefore minimise the extent of excavation and repair work. It is important to know that domestic insurance Policies have limited “trace and access” cover, usually not exceeding €750 or €1,000 or whatever is noted on your policy.