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Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Structural damage like fire damage can extend to areas within your house that may not be visible to you and smoke and soot damage can extend to areas of the house where the fire did not even reach.

Soot when it breaks down becomes corrosive and can cause serious damage to electrical appliances therefore, it is important that your home is professionally cleaned to prevent any further long term damage.

As with all claims it is important to allow your Insurers to inspect the damage before any remedial works commence. It is of course acceptable to complete works that will make your property safe. We will advise you accordingly once appointed and always ensure that your Insurers’ position is not prejudiced by completing extensive works prior to the Insurers’ inspection of the damage with us. Certain fire claims will be investigated by Insurers’ Engineers to determine the cause of the fire, so it is important to not disturb the scene prior to inspection. We will discuss this and more on our appointment to your claim.

In summary, the fire damage insurance claim services we provide include…

  • Consult the policy to determine the level of cover
  • Arrange alternate accommodation if required
  • Prepare a report and statement of claim
  • Negotiate on your behalf with your insurance provider, to achieve the best possible settlement
  • Arrange an initial claim payment from your insurance provider if required