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Storm Damage Claims

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

If you have suffered storm damage, the very best advice we can give you is to contact us as soon as possible – whether or not you have already made your claim.

Once appointed we will inspect the damage as well as review your policy cover to advise how best to proceed. We will meet with Insurers’ representatives, agree a scope of works with them and compile a Bill of Quantities to submit on your behalf. We will always endeavour to keep you updated on the progress of your claim.

Storm damage, at your home/farm/business can be extremely inconvenient in all sorts of ways from water ingress, wind, lightning, fallen trees & debris damage.

Should water ingress through the roof arise, then it would be necessary to obtain a roofers report to determine the source and cause of damage. At this stage, it is also preferable that photographs be taken prior to any emergency repairs being carried out.

As soon as the safety aspects are dealt with, the most important thing is to try and return your life to normal at the earliest possible opportunity. This is where we come in.

We will negotiate on your behalf with your insurers to achieve the best possible settlement within the terms of your policy.